Its been said :

  • “Velvet Voice”
  • “Eres una cantante increible Stinna”
  • “Stinna music machine u r “:)
  • “She sounds great… like Natalie Merchant”
  • “magnifique voix”
  • “Stinna è davvero unica! Molto molto brava”
  • “Ze heeft inderdaad een Fijne stem”

Music and singing have as long as I remember been a passion for me. Music has given me comfort, strength and a lot of great fun over the years.

I refound the passion for singing in Second Life 2010 and have been performing ever since.

Recently I have been trying out singing live on Youtube as well.

  1. Free your heart from hatred
  2. Free your mind from worries
  3. Live simply
  4. Give more
  5. Expect less.